Matt Emery's Newest Single, "Koi Swirl", Out Now

Matt Emery's Newest Single, "Koi Swirl", Out Now

After his incredibly beautiful 2021 EP “Spotlight Series: Cello”, Surrey and London-based composer Matt Emery has released the second single off of his follow up EP, “Spotlight Series: Harp”. Composed for the harp by Emery himself, “Koi Swirls” is performed by London-based harpist Olivia Jageurs, recent winner of the Royal Philharmonic Trailblazer Award. Almost emulating a piano piece not unlike an Einaudi, “Koi Swirls” is simultaneously hauntingly beautiful, uplifting, and melancholic. The interplay of the higher and lower ends of the harp create a gliding sound that ebbs and flows as if a it were a waterfall turning into a relaxedly meandering stream.

Stream Matt Emery’s “Koi Swirls” on all platforms today!


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